Record Mode — Can the Prime 4 do this?

Anyone know if we will be able to recall our saved mixes for playback on the Prime 4?

When you finish recording your mix on the Prime 4, you CAN play it again from the source you recorded it to. Is that what you wanted to know?

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@Shain that is correct.

Once you’ve saved your recording it will be stored in a folder on the root of your recording source in the “Sessions” folder. You can then navigate to this folder from the Prime 4 to load and playback the recording.


$1.000.000 Question:

Does the 2 hours mix session need to be analyzed first or was that done while recording? :wink:

I would guess it needs to be analyzed but either way I don’t think it would be a big deal as one would probably not do much other than hit play on a premix. Good question though :slight_smile:

The recording is analyzed when it is loaded.

Witch is the record format? WAV? Or less? Witch compression?

Looks like WAV


It is Wav. :+1:

It says so in some of the videos and in another post here on the forum

You say, I can’t drag and drop a song from one memory device to the other, without a PC connected, right? But I can record them to any memory device by the Rec. function. Even from an external analog turntable? If the record function quality is not too bad, ethically that’s pretty the same crime.

Even in Chile, 3th world country, there I leave there is an organization, called , there I get to pay monthly as DJ like $ 45,- USD and the venue owner depending the size and frequency of venues as well pay different amounts. Even for music in hotel rooms and waiting rooms etc. No meter how is the owner of the music I play.

So I recommend to get patches to unlock and give the possibility to make the crime, by drag and drop a song from one memory device to the other, without a PC.

So let’s see… you can record stuff that you’ve streamed, not just stuff you’ve purchased.

Ahhharrgh Jim lad :pirate_flag:

Didn’t VirtualdJ have some wierd restriction on it where it would record sets but not streamed/online source material ?

This has been requested by many users and is submitted in the Prime 4 feature suggestions; be sure to hit like (:heart:) on the original post (first post) if you want to vote for it.

Yes, you can record to any source attached.

I believe that is correct, the Master output is what is being recorded, so, yes.

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Serato DJ wouldn’t allow the recording of any Pulselocker file so that made recordings ‘interesting’.

PRIME 4 records all internal mixing pre Master knob including external sources.

It will NOT be possible to record when streaming. This is a limitation of all streaming services.