Record mix directly to Android smartphone via usb?


Does anybody got to record the mix directly from the X1800 to an Android smartphone? I would like to do it using the usb cable, since the jack input on the phone is mono and I don’t want that. I tried some apps in playstore but without success.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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What phone model we are talking about? As for suitable recording application, take a look at Audio Evolution Mobile Studio.

Huawei P20 lite.

I tried this app you mention, but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me

Have you tried to activate developer options on your phone and then, in Developer options menu, go to USB configuration to set Audio Source?

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I tried it right now, I can’t get it to work. In the phone developer options, the usb config is set to audio source.
In the ap, in the preferences section, selecting “audio” and “audio source”, I can’t see any usb option, only jack, videcamera, bluetooth, and default. I set it to default.

To my knowledge Android needs a driver, so this won’t work.

For Apple iOS, the X1800 is class compliant, so recording is natively possible by USB cable.

the app provides an in-built driver. Possibly it’s just a configuration issue, because I can’t even send the audio to the computer (mac) via usb.

In audacity, I can’t record neither although the x1800 is recognized…

A build-in driver on Android specifically for the X1800? Okay…

For Apple Mac, Audacity needs to record ch9+10 if you want the master output. If the Mac app/program does not see those channels, use another Pro piece of software.

“Audio Evolution Mobile contains support for class-compliant USB audio interfaces and mics by using our own custom driver. It offers recording and playback in high quality…” this is from the app.

Yeah I know that ch 9/10 are master out, but I can’t set those channels to record in audacity. I can only set the number of channels, from 1 (mono), to 10. Even if I set all the 10 channels to record, all the channels record nothing. However, in the sound preferences in the mac, I can see a level meter so the audio is somehow going to the mac. I will continue trying…

I’ll have exactly the same problem with my version of Audacity; sack it off and use Serato instead, it just works!!

Invest in Pro software like Sound Forge etc.

If you really want to record your mixes on the phone, you could take a look here: Record live audio with Android phone or tablet

An alternative good app is USB Audio Recorder Pro

Personally, I would use something more hassle free, like a dedicated recorder, but it is your choice.

Good luck!

For all of you that have issues recording in audacity: you do know you can use Traktor or Rekordbox (free version, export mode) to record your mixes from x1800?

Ok, I tried to post this message this morning, but the forum said that I could not post two consecutive posts…


I finally have been able to record my mix directly into the smartphone (using the demo version of Evolution Mobile Studio with channels 9-10 of the X1800 as an input to the audio track). The recording is indeed stereo BUT there are many artifacts… I do not know how to solve this. I don’t even know if it’s possible to solve this unless a new driver is written and I don’t have the knowldege to do so…

I will keep investigating, if someday I find a useful solution, I will post it here.

On my post above, I mentioned an app named USB Audio Recorder Pro, developed by the same company, which has a custom driver, that bypasses Android completely, allowing you to record at any sample rate desired. They do warn about phone compliance although.

I already tried the trial version of this app (before trying Evolution mobile studio), obtained from the developer website, but it gave me many problems (phone reboot every few minutes, etc). Evolution Mobile Studio, from the same developers, indeed worked. kinda strange.

Btw, I recorded at a sample rate of 48 KHz, the same in the app and in the X1800.

Thanks @Canaris!

The thing is that these two apps kind of complement each other, according to the developers, and it is still required to use an external audio interface and USB-OTG adaptors. The problem remains the phone compliance. Some guys with Samsung phones recorded without issues with these apps.

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Found this


Looks simple enough!!


Two weeks ago I bougth a secondhand Tascam DR-22-WL and I record my mixes there, I can control the tascam wirelessly via the smartphone and copy/delete all the files from the smartphone via the Tascam DR-Control app. At the moment, is the best solution I have found.