Record Button Engine 2.0 Missing

Hi there,

Recently I’ve been watching YouTube videos about all the updates in 2.0. I’ve noticed when they swipe down from the top there’s a “record” button but when I’ve updated to 2.0 there’s no button or record feature.

Does anyone else have this option or is it a feature update? I really want to be able to record on the decks so i cant wait if this is going to be added.

Check out DJcitys video at 4:03 to see this button First Look: Engine DJ 2.0 Update | Tips and Tricks - YouTube

I think you missed to recognise that he is using a Prime 4, not SC players.

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Ahh thanks for that, he made a cut from SC500 to the prime 4. that’s a shame, id like this feature to be implemented soon.

It’s not a realistic feature to expect on a players+mixer setup. At least, not if you value stability over features.

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