Recommendation digital cable

I want to connect my DB4 with the SC6000s digitally. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good digital cable? I don’t have much experience with digital cables and I’m worried about buying too cheap or too expensive.

Just use the included RCA cable it will work fine.


But I want to use the digital coaxial connections, not the standard line RCA connections. Because the DB4 is a fully digital mixer. :cry:

You can split your included RCA cables and use on the digital in/outs - they’ll work fine.

If you want something ‘better’ you can go with a high qualitty cable like a Oyaide Neo AS-808R But they will NOT sound any better on those short lenghts - but will look cooler, and the connectors will last longer for sure!


yes, and again, just use a normal rca cable for that. the so called “digital” cables are normal rca cables. just with slightly better specs.

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Okay. I am 43 years old and have been a technology freak since my youth. Today I learned that digital cables are the same as Chinch cables. :joy: :see_no_evil: I have now also researched the internet and found out that the “digital” RCA cables have a higher resistance (75 Ohm) - but that is irrelevant for short transmission distances, right?

In any case THANKS to the forum, you definitely saved me money for 4 expensive cables!

(Good that I didn’t ask my father. He is an old school hifi freak and would probably have slapped me for not knowing such basic stuff… :see_no_evil:)

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exactly :slightly_smiling_face:

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