Recall Loop/Beat Jump Size

Is there a way to save beat jump/loop size in Engine Prime? I am able to do this on the Denon SC5000 players but not in the software.

Typical use for me is when prepping tracks as I like to jump around in 32 or 64 beats to set cues and check beat grid, but when I load another track it reverts back to 4 beats :triumph:

Kinda makes a laborious task even more tenuous.


In relation to this I have suggested that we need 16 and 32bar Grid lines, obviously you can see/figure out the 8bar easy enough, but in relation to you mentioning and probably the 64bar. So I think extra grid lines on the SC5000 and Engine Prime Giving 16 and 32bar Grid lines would have a great visual advantage as I once did in Cross DJ and also similar to serato, although I think the markers should just be a short dash on the Grid lines to represent 16 and 32bar, But the 32bar line/dash should be slightly thicker than the 16bar line/Dash. Its surprising how much help in the mix these visual representations can help across a wide scope of mixing techniques and great Timing in doing so.

Agree with this and mentioned it also previously

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Can this be moved to feature request section or should I create another? @JWiLL

If it can be renamed to

Ability to change Engine Prime beat jump default Value

or similar to reflect the request

Many thanks

Yeah I would love this too! I’ll move to the appropriate area. Thanks!

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I had the very same request, took the liberty to put this in the requested template denon gave us to formulate a request.

Great :+1:t5:

I actually did that request before there was a dedicated request section with a recommended template.

No loss.

Here is another feature that is somehow linked though on the hardware side of things. Not sure if beat jump and loop size is the same as on the SC5000