Reading Serato crates VS just dragging in from Serato itself

So the one thing I don’t get is the big deal about Engine reading your Serato crates. It seems to be missing an “import crates” feature. If I have to still create playlists in engine and then go to the Serato area, click the crate and drag the tracks over, I can do the same exact thing quicker by just having the real Serato program open and engine side by side and do drag and drops.

I missing something on the point in it reading the Serato library crates vs us just dragging the files in from Serato itself. Either way we still have to manually re make all the crates/playlists in engine before we can export them to a USB drive

Thanks for any info if I am missing a step or something

I do this as well, because by upgrading Serato with Engine, I did not load all the songs in Serato’s folders When I open Serato, I also open Engine and transport them into Engine collections