Read only Cant find the anser in search funktion

keep getting message Read only when i put my scandisc extreme usb 3,1 64gb in player one an when i whant to ecces on player to i see reed only en no playlist ect exct. formatted in exfat standard cluster size. when i us a same usb stick witch recordbox playlist it workts (get sometimes database corrupt) im now testing with one playlist only 50 songs. get the same message using 256gb ssd disc firmware players 1.2.2

Hi @Ed-broeren, thank you for reporting this to us.

Do you get the same message with other USB drives? I’d recommend backing up the USB in question, then re-formatting and try again.

I hope this helps . J

ive got it with my 256gb ssd disc and my scandisc extreme go 64 gb usb3.1 i have tried to formar again still the same. formatted exfad standard the strange it is when i use a second (the same stick scandisc extreme 64 gb usb 3.1)with recordcordbox folders i dont get the message? but often get message dis folder is corrupt>

nowe i have tried a (alie-expres stik)32gb and finaly it works fine? very cheap stick.

is there a list witch usd (ssd)devices witch are tested and work fine so i am sure i buy a working usb (ssd) device?