Read Before Posting: How to Write an Engine Prime Bug Report

Before creating a new topic, be sure your bug report is unique. To do this, search the forum to see if the bug has already been posted. If it has, like the original post to vote for it. Topics can be sorted by number of votes making them more visible to the team. NOTE: Duplicate topics will be removed without notice.

After liking the original post, feel free to add a comment with any additional information that isn’t already part of the conversation.

If your bug report is unique, create a new topic and fill in the topic template questions. This will help us better understand the issue and reproduce in our environment.

Lastly, be sure your topic title is as specific as possible, ex. “Unable to rename hot cues when imported from Serato DJ”.

If you have previously made bug reports in other areas of the forum please edit the post and move to this category.

We look forward to identifying issues and fixing them to make our products better for everyone!

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