Rating by colored stars

Rating by stars works right but, if we had the possibility to choose a color for the star we could have more info about the music we are going to play. Imagining, for example, a mental map of musical genres and colors


  • black = techno;
  • red = tech house;
  • blue = deep house;

With the addition of colored stars it would be a fantastic help for choosing the next track. What do you think about it???:

Youre going to run out of discernible colours before you run out of genres…

Wouldn’t it be better to see the genre listed in its own column next to the stars? I don’t think that 5 stars is enough to judge songs on anyway

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I just play electronic music, 7 colors would be enough for me, But it’s just a suggestion; colors could be use to identify anything helpful for you, and with the star could be a smart way to tag songs.

Hi @Pillola, thanks for posting! This is a neat request so I’m moving it to our Feature Request (Engine PRIME) section for better visibility. If users agree with this ‘feature’, they can like it to further increase visibility from our Dev Team.

I @Nekoro_DenonDJ I missed something, i thought i was there when i wrote…sorry :slight_smile: thank you very much

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I like this idea (i’ve had a similar one) BUT I’d rather just be able to replace the star area entirely to instead display colored, user-defined tags. I’ve personally never used stars in a DJ setting. I know a lot of people use them for energy level but that just seems like a work-around for not having tags.