Rane 72/ Serato Compatibility

@JWill I own a Rane 72 & would like to use it with the Denon SC6000Ms. Is the SC6000M compatible with the Rane 72? The reason I ask is that I know of a reported issue with the Rane 72 & Denon SC5000Ms- in particular MIDI conflicts. Has the issue been resolved?

I also prefer to use the 6000Ms with Serato. Will the 6000Ms be supported upon release or at a later date TBD?

Thanks for your time.

Welcome back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Those bigger platters are tempting right?

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Lol, yes very tempting.

Hi @Chino - Serato support will come to the SC6000 after launch. No timelines to that availability are available at this time.

There shouldn’t be any compatibility issues with the RANE 72 and the SC6000’s when used with Serato. But we aren’t able to do any testing since Serato builds aren’t available at this time. We’ll do some testing to confirm once we get get further into the integration.

Just to note, all three devices use a fair amount of USB bandwidth (2 high resolution MIDI platters, 2 10" HD display, 1 7" HD display). So ideally they would connect directly to the computer and not be bottlenecked through a USB hub.

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