Rane 72 MK2 and Twelve MK2 hot off the press

The minions in InMusic are churning out products like fiends

I wonder if they added Bpm hardware fx with auto bpm detect this time around.

A nice battle mixer will be sweet to pair up with the 6000M.

Pad FX in analog/standalone mode will also be dope.

My S9 Is slowly showing it’s age and I’m eagerly itching to upgrade it. Still love the x1800 … courses for horses.

The 5 year old S9 has all those things

Another interesting find is the hybrid mode for DVS…I wonder if that is planned for the 6000Ms as well. Maybe that will help with the drift issue that occurs with motorised platters and DVS


Not just supported in Serato. Virtual DJ and Traktor too.

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Traktor <3 :smiley: I would love to give these 12’s a spinn :slight_smile: