Random Screen Freeze

I Know there are a number of posts about this and i have the latest firmware installed and screens at 90% brightness . I Bought this unit as I wanted it solely to use in standalone mode but unit has now started freezing on the left screen at random intervals , last week 4.5 Hrs into a gig , last night 1.5 Hrs into a gig . I don’t use the unit to control serato as I’m happy using a laptop connected running mixmeister which does the job for me and gets me to the end of the gigs when the screen freezes. Has anything been sorted on this at over £1000 this unit needs to work !

Sadly this seems to becoming a common problem. Basically you are experiencing a hardware fault. There is no firmware that will prevent this from happening. If your unit is still under warranty, send it in & let them sort it out for you. Actually, it’s preferably to have the unit replaced if possible, as Denon can’t seem to determine what exactly is causing this (so how do they repair it then?). In my opinion, it is caused by an overheating buck/boost converter for the lcd backlight which over time causes dry joints on the power rail. The dry joints are what makes the problem so erratic (sometimes 5hrs, sometime 1hr). But that’s just my opinion. Sadly you gonna have to send it in :frowning:

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Mainboard swap for example? LCD-unit swap?

Sure, they can do that, but if they don’t know the cause, that’s still just guessing. How can they be sure the boards they are replacing with don’t have the same issue? At the moment, even getting a new unit doesn’t really guarantee it won’t have the same problem. But I’d much rather get a new unit than have my unit (if fairly new) opened up & worked on. The fact is that Denon need to identify the cause of this issue & make a public statement regarding how to sort it out. Too many people have experienced this now for Denon to pretend that this is a isolated issue that only a few struggle with.


Apologies you’re having problems with this, part of the confusion is that sometimes other issues like USB latency/laptop system performance issues get confused in this. However, as your using standalone, it’s more clear-cut. To quickly resolve this would you be able to give our team in the UK a call on Tuesday (after the Bank Holiday), so the team can work out best steps to resolve this for you. We can talk through the firmware version in use, files in use ect.

01252 896040

Issue sorted with a warranty repair …. great service thanks

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I just got mine in today and its freezing right out of the box…smh. I’ve had the dns 3700 since they came out and zero problems. I dont have the number % to adjust i have high mid low and mid is way to dark…i paid for it to be at 100% brightness and work without a problem…I bought this because of the denon quality that i loved with my 3700s and to use as a quick run a gun gig with some powered speakers. But it doesnt look like the $1300.00 was worth it. I wont be sending it in to get fixed im sending it back and buying a pioneer deck. I can see this happening with a $300 deck but this is crazy…thanks denon wont be recomending your products to anyone.

Lil’ rants like this just make me think that it’s just an owner of some other brand having practice in moaning. A posted up copy of the receipt would help me and others to believe otherwise.

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I would doubt that very much.

I had one arrived for a club install that was completely frozen coming out of the box too.

Personally I can’t see someone making the effort to post for illegitimate reasons. Comments like that make the forum look bad.

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