Random play or stop playing

yes, the problem remains. several times in the evening, when scrolling through the browser encoder, an arbitrary track on a free deck is turned on. or the playing deck just stops. it just ■■■■■■ me off! Is it really impossible to update the firmware with a solution to this problem?

Let me guess: SeratoDJ? If you use search, you will see that users who use mc4000 with VDJ and Traktor don’t have such issues. Conclusion: it’s not the hardware. Seems Serato didn’t properly map the controller (that’s their part of colaboration) to their software and there is a random midi conflict (midi signals coming from the controller being mistaken for a play/stop command from some other hardware) occuring.

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yes. Serato Dj Pro.

Serato will never admit mistake or properly investigate because they don’t make money on suporting old hardware that has already been sold so your chances of getting it fixed are not good. Denon will just say that there is no problem with hardware (which is true).

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Установил версию 2.2, но проблема осталась… либо при включении эффекта, либо при использовании семплера, либо при навигации по браузеру - как попало включается рандомный трек из плейлиста, либо дублируется играющий тек на другую деку, либо непроизвольно включаются эффекты… вообщем - дело дрянь! надо переходить на трактор или рекордбокс. нафиг эту гнилую контору… поддержка даже не отвечает на обращения.

Appears some buttons are sending midi messages from your post


  • Can you go into Serato settings and delete all midi profiles if any? 56%20AM

  • Also deactivate “Allow Serato Hardware Remapping” in the serato settings


Worth a try

I have no other midi profiles “Allow Serato Hardware Remapping” - is disabled

Are you using any midi translation software eg midi pipe, bomes etc.?

Did you delete the midi profile set for your controller?

If possible share a screenshot of the midi tab in the settings

did not delete anything

I’m at a loss as to why you are getting this behavior with the 4000.

If it works well without same issues with other software then it’s the Serato mapping.

If the same issue happens with vdj or Traktor then it’s hardware.

I think it’s natively supported in DJay Pro and Virtual DJ