Raid0 SSD thoughts? For Main Collection

I’m currently exploring the option of having my library on a SSD. I have a huge collection largely as I do videos too. About 60k tracks (audio and video) currently weighing in just shy of 2TB. I’m using a normal 5400rpm 4TB G-Drive USB 3.0 currently.

Only Samsung offers single 4TB SSDs currently and it will require that I get an external enclosure. Most of the portable ready to go solutions maxes out at 2TB e.g. the Samsung T3 & T5 SanDisk extreme pro etc

I realised I can save up to €300 if i buy two 2TB and a portable raid enclosure eg Inateck Aluminum USB-C RAID HDD Enclosure Dual Bay

It’s to house my main library. I will still use a smaller drive (currently a SanDisk extreme pro 500gb SSD) to play use with the SC5K.

Question is go 4TB Raid 0 (2 × 2TB) or single 4TB SSD?


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Given that RAID enclosures have their own firmware between the stored files and everything trying to access the enclosure, I’d only consider this as a purchase if there was a no quibble refund policy.

However, another thought is, that if the RAID enclosure is not going to be used at gigs, but more as a household-base main library, then speed isnt all that important. So, you could get a huge amount of storage space using non-SSD storage.

Thanks boss. Think i will go for the single SSD 4TB drive and call it a day.

defenately go for 1 4TB disk, in raid0 when 1 disk fails you lose everything so basically the same as putting everything on 1 disk