Quick (Very) First Impressions

I actually received my SC5000s today and I would. be happy to comment on some quick first impressions but nothing to in depth yet as I haven’t put in nearly enough time to form an overall opinion.

Quick preface: I’ve owned/used everything over the years from the days of lugging the crates of vinyl/Technics to Traktor via Kontrol S4 and Rekordbox via XDJ-CDJ units, (most recently the full NXS2 system, recently sold) over the course of a little over 15 years. Basically, like many of you, I’ve used a lot of DJ hardware over the years (insert “that’s what she said” punchline) and can tell the good apart from the laughable.

Build Quality It’s spot on. Heavy, thick, very solid feeling unit.

The most accurate comparison I can illustrate (verbally) for you would be as follows: If you’ve used both the XDJ-1000 (or 700) and a CDJ NXS/NXS2, you can immediately feel the difference in quality the moment you pick each up. Aside from the obvious lacking of many knobs/buttons found on of the NXS/NXS2, the XDJ-1000 feels like a hollow box with a build quality similar to a lot of DJ controllers. I’m not knocking XDJ-1000 (still use a pair as backups), just pointing out that is obvious to see and feel the difference the build quality right away

For me personally, as soon as I picked up the SC5000 it felt like Premium product, not a mid range unit a la XDJ-1000. It feels heavy, thick, extremely solid. It is a rock solid bit of kit. Not a cheap toy.

Here’s a couple pics I wanted to share:

The SC5000 consists of the single-piece top panel that resembles the top of the CDJNXS/2 and is bolted to a matted black, outer chassis. Both panels Have an extremely solid, weighted feel, the chassis especially. Bottom line, I don’t feel there was a noticeable step down in overall build quality from the NXS2 to the SC5000 at all.

The Pads/Buttons The performance pads feel excellent, definitely more of an MPCesque feeling in terms of texture/weight. I didn’t wasn’t letdown with their responsiveness either. Again, everything feels high end and has a strong, solid quality.

The Screen/Resolution It’s bright, smooth as silk (that framerate tho!!) and the touch/inertia feel responsive and quite natural. The high framerate cannot be understated. A pet peeve I always had with my NXS2’s was the choppy wave scrolling and how it differed at varying zoom levels, though It was never a real deal breaker for me. The SC5000 display looks and feels like the display on a smart device—the animation is buttery smooth and the touch response is equally smooth.

Aesthetically, while I don’t necessarily mind the blue/green/white theme/waveforms used throughout the HUD, it would be nice to be able to change to have difference palette options for the scrolling waveform—whether it be different presets to choose from or the option for the user to define. That said, I’m still exploring everything and it’s quite possible I overlooked an option to adjust waveform colors—if that’s the case please correct me (I’ll update if I find out otherwise as well).

That’s about all I can really speak to as this point. I loaded a couple tracks and messed around a bit, but nowhere near enough to formulate a solid opinion. For now I can at least say so far so good. :beers:

You’re welcome to post questions (though I won’t be able to respond until after the weekend) and please feel free to post your own observations as well.


PS. It’s late and I wrote this on terrible small keyboard connects to my iPad, so apologies in advance for typos/botched Autocorrects.


Thanks for the quick post man. I can not wait to get mine as well. I am waiting on Musicians Friend in the US to get them in stock as i have about a 1,000 credit with them I want to used. One of my 3900s players stopped working correctly and I have the Gold Coverage for it so they gave me the entire purchase price back!

I hope to hear more honest opinions about your experiences with your players…both the good and the bad.


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What’s the jog rim (the silver one) made of? Is it metal or painted plastic?

Do the performance pads have a click or no?

Jog rim is silver plastic. Performance pads are high quality with a click. Don’t sweat it- these units feel good!

UH OH…I think Pioneer has a problem!! I unboxed my SC5000 last night and got my first few hours in with them. Just coming up for air!

Gotta tell you these units are feeling amazing! The Jog wheels are very accurate, Waveforms are sooo smooth - fast and responsive. Beat juggling is just so natural with these units- very impressed so far. I need the Engine software to really lock in- hopefully it’s available in the next few days. Can’t wait to spin next weekend with these and no laptop! X1800 will be the icing! Also would be nice to have a tempo tap button for those “on the fly” tracks that you did not prepare on Engine - did I miss something here?

While my dj roots are in vinyl, I will say that these units represent the best controllers I’ve ever used. Gonna be tough for me to spin at clubs with Vinyl/DVS now!


Damn. I thought I read it’s made of aluminium.

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and the wheel is topped in aluminum for a cool, stylish appearance.

This is from the first official Denon DJ press release. Source: DJWORX

Mark from DJWORX also described some of his first impressions having touched the actual unit:

The static metal jog wheel feels amazing.

Maybe someone from Denon could shed some light on this.


So, the top is definitely aluminum, the sides it’s the diagonal grooves is plastic. The sides is what I was calling the rim. Maybe just a terminology thing - my bad if I caused confusion ;0).

All I know is it’s solid, feels great and doesn’t make that awful ball bearing noise like other players. Just silent and smooth.

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I’m talking about the silver outer ring - the part that’s used to nudge the wheel. Is it plastic?

And the top of the jog is aluminium, you say?

Hey Kevin, The top of the jog wheel is aluminum. The silver, outer ring is made of plastic.

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…and yeah, it is super quiet when it spins.

Thanks for the clarification, Alan!

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For the perfomance pads, pad-mode pads, and parameter pads, they do not click. They are made of rubber. The shift button does click as it’s made of plastic, much like the play, cue, and other buttons on the unit

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You’ve got that right, none of that vrrrrrrrrrrrrr sound

Saw (and heard) that on the DJTechtools unboxing video. Very impressive - I always hated that grinding sound from the other manufacturer.

Btw: Any word on Traktor HID mode?

Umm Alan, my pads click when I trigger the pads. If I touch them too softly, the pads will not engage. When I turn all the audio off from speakers I can hear and feel the click - at least on my units.

I am loving the decks so far. The pitch control options are sick. Everything feels great. touch response is on point. I am hoping the challenge will go away when the X1800 is available, but for now, using the layer feature has been challenging. I am sure in time, I will know without having to think about it that red= layer1, blue, gren, purple ect, however for now I have messed up/ gotten lost a few times.

What I am really excited for with these decks is what kind of cool and initiative features we will get with updates over the next few years. With the processing power in these things, the possibilities are almost endless.

Interesting, I don’t recall there being a click(I’ll have to re-check when I get back in the office) for the performance pads. The shift button, for sure has a defined click.

The 8 performance pads, pad mode, and parameter controls are rubber much like MPC. They do have a physical click when triggered, as it is a tactile switch below the pad and not FSR.