Quick Tempo takeover

Hoping this is something else being considered for a future firmware update. Please give us the option to just takeover and adjust tempo no matter which track is the master. I’m happy to reset this after the fact, after I’ve fully engaged the track. This is Serato behavior I know but it also feels more logical when making quick changeovers that need tempos adjusted.


I’m not quite following - what is it you’re trying to do?

When one uses instant doubles or use sync in Serato, the position of the pitch fader becomes relative irrespective of the position.

With the Primes you have to return the pitch to the absolute position before any tempo changes can be reflected.

Serato also has a shift + pitch fader option. If you hold shift and move the pitch fader there is no tempo change. It’s quite useful for making crazy transitions

Yes, thanks for clarifying mufasa!

Oh - that’s kinda neat. My god I would get lost if zero stopped meaning zero though… haha

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