Quick Soft Reset when the central screen crashed

Sometimes I have a crash of the central screen. The cover of the disc remains the same and I don’t have the rotation lines obliged to turn off the complete turntable. Problem I only have one deck for the show. can we do a quick reset?


So the problem is that the song changes but the image in the platter does not? Does the song still play correctly? Does the image change for any subsequent songs or is it permanently stuck?

It sounds like this is more a database error and could have something to do with the drive you are using, the size of your database, and possibly if you’re accessing it directly from the SC5000 or networked through the other SC5000 or an X1800.

I don’t have a reset for you other than to power-cycle the SC5000, but I would recommend reformatting your drive and connecting it directly to the SC5000 to see if you get a better response. Keep an eye out on whether this happens with the same song over and over, or if a different song is affected every time.

thanks for the answer, i will look at this. Only the image blocks and the rotation lines