Quick question on where is best to populate Track catalogue number

I know it may seem a bit “Rain man” to many of you, but the best way for me to catalogue all my early 90’s techno/hardcore/jungle is by catalogue number (which you used to get on the records).

without a record box and sleeve to look at I find it the easiest way (after 1999 forget it) but there is no catalogue number for obvious reasons in Metadata. I tried experimenting a bit with where I could put it that would list clearly on Engine Prime and I could sort by Cat # order. Haven’t found a field that would always be free…

Most of my stuff is Beatport or track and artist in the filename. I don’t want to go and add to each filename it will takes years… any shortcuts anyone can think of? No biggy I will keep on trucking!!

Suggestions off the cuff would be greatly appriciated x

There’s two other editable fields that could prove useful: LABEL & COMMENT I’ve sorted my purchased tracks by these fields and noticed that both neither of these are consistently use used to store metadata. Perhaps you can utilize one/both for your needs.

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Just use mp3tag to copy from that field to another unused one. Takes seconds.

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Thanks bud… saw this last night and after a bit of trial and error with how I can order them on the Denon and what fields seem to be available mostly I’ve utilised the comment box (which I didn’t know existed) seems to be the best way thank you.

@kradcliffe I’ll give that a try too as there is metadata windows won’t change, I can change in Prime but if I lose the prime files and have to start again I lose all that info, like release dates, can’t change them in Windows (how annoying) as it shows the release date of the MP3 and not the release date of the actual track

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