Questions after testing

Hy there

Yesterday I tested the Beast! A really great piece to dj with!

I have two questions left which at the store nobody could answer.

  1. Is there a way to adjust the Start/ Stop behaviour of the playback like on pioneer cdjs (vinyl mode)?

  2. Will it be possible with future FM updates to get the effects working with the analoge audio inputs or won‘t this be ever possible because of the technical built?

Thx Fab

You can choose the stoptime (recordbreak) , but not the starttime. Hmm … think that could also be an interesting feature :slight_smile:

Starting up like a recordplayer can emulated by selecting pitch to 100% - and then slowly pitch up to desired speed … tried that right now :slight_smile:

Maybe in the future we also get fx on the external audio inputs, but we don´t know when - and - “if” …

Hi @dfabj, glad to hear you enjoyed test driving the PRIME 4! To confirm @DJDark’s response, with v1.3.2 on PRIME 4 you can slide down from the top-middle of the PRIME 4 screen to access the ‘Stop Time’ adjuster, but ‘Start Time’ is instant by default; that would make for an awesome Feature Request! Lastly, we cannot guarantee what’s coming in any future firmware updates, but once again our Feature Request section is a great place share that feedback with us!