Questions about the SC3900

I heard that when you have 3 or 4 units linked over a switch that you can only have a USB drive in one unit. Is this true?

Were the pitch resolution increments on Wide/100% range ever improved beyond 1.0% increments?

Were any pitch ranges added between 16% and 100%, like 24%, or 32%, or 50% with increments between 0.05 and 1.0% of the two aforementioned ranges it had in the original firmware?

Yes. Upto four SC3900’s can share one usb storage device (hard drive/pen drive/thumb drive) using an ethernet router.

The SC3900 didn’t have a pitch range function of “Wide”. From the manual, the pitch ranges on the SC3900 show as:

  • ±6 % (0.02 % pitch)
  • ±10 % (0.05 % pitch)
  • ±16% (0.05 % pitch)
  • ±100 % (1.0 % pitch)

A 32% or so range with 0.1 increments in there (or some other comparable range between 16 and 100) would have been nice. Too bad…

Looks like I’ll have to keep the DN-HS5500s and CDJ-900 and maybe pull the trigger on a SC5000.