Questions about SC5000

  1. Can the BPM display readout be hidden on the main display? Picking and choosing which columns appear under search and filtering would also be useful, while still allowing those compatibility filter settings to do their thing. In software, for instance, I might have it filtering by key compatibility and bpm range for the pitch range I’m currently at, but I may have fewer columns visible.

  2. Are there are plans to make it possible to hold key at a spot other than zero and eventually change it as on the old Numark Axis 8/9 series players in increments up and down?

  3. What is the pitch resolution on Wide? In other words, what increments does the pitch change when running off a flash drive (not talking MIDI or HID) when the pitch range is set to 100%?

  4. I think Chris Roman already implied that there is no jog bend dead zone, which would be good. Can you confirm that here?

  5. Does Engine Prime currently have the ability to load tracks from a laptop over the Ethernet Link onto the SC5000, the so-called “off load” function?

Thanks for your time.

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Those Axis 8 key and semitone change buttons were awesome, by the way. I think it was shift+pitch bend keys that did it.