Questions about Key Shift?

I am curious about this feature. Right now I am using a Prime 4 but my SC-6000s should arrive this week (fingers crossed!)

For context - I’m impressed by this feature but it’s still muddying the low end on tracks enough that it’s not as supremely useful as I dream of.

#1 - Is the function the same on the Prime 4 and the SC-6000? Is audio quality on key-shifted tracks enhanced at all on the 6000, or is it the same if they are both using up-to-date firmware?

#2 - Does the fact I am using Mixed In Key for key analysis change it at all? I find MIK a lot more accurate than Engine’s native key analysis, so I run every single tune I own through MIK before import which means the track is tagged with that ey. But I am wondering if this then has an impact on the key-stretch at all?

For example a track that is in F-minor (4A) if I were to let it be analysed by Engine might come up as either a F-major or C-major (7B or 8B). If I then want to move this up one to F-sharp-minor (11A) is the software actually trying to move it from what it thinks is 8B? If so, it’s a much bigger jump than just one semitone, so I am wonder if that causes extra degradation?

… Or is that not really how it works, and reading the key from MIK is fine and doesn’t affect this feature at all?

Not that I know.

Are you resaving tracks with MIK?

It’s hard to say, but distortion is cumulative.

These might interest you:

I don’t re-save the tracks, MIK just tags the file somehow.

It’s nifty - I drag and drop it in to MIK, wait a few seconds for it to analyse, and then drag+drop in to Engine. It loads with the key from MIK rather than re-analysing it and potentially getting the key wrong. (Rekordbox behaves exactly the same fwiw.)

I don’t think Prime cares :slight_smile: If you don’t trust the Engine/Engine OS analysis, though, you can manually put it in increments to go where you want based on the MIK analysis, though. Of course, right now you have to wait for Prime to analyze the track to do that if it’s not already. That reminds me…


Wait. What? You’re saying Engine Prime will use the MIK key analysis and even replace Engine Prime’s analyzed key with MIK’s? That’s news to me, but I rarely use Engine Prime.