Question: on the new EP software

Is there a tutorial video on how to use the new updated engine prime 1.5?

Also where should the software be, in the internal hard drive or external hard drive where all my music files are located?

Here you go

The software goes on your internal hard drive.

Thanks for your response. I also have another question, as far as the hard drive of my choice it should be formatted in fat 32 and also what is the maximum storage space engine handle easily?

I have an MCX8000 DJ CONTROLLER, can I use an external hard drive instead of a flash when djing with my MCX8000? And also is the new version engine prime update 1.5 compatible with the MCX8000?

Engine Prime 1.5 is still compatible with MCX8000, you do need to explicitly turn on compatibility in settings though.

As for drive size, I have seen users mention using up to 1TB external hard drives successfully and it can probably go above that.