Question? Can this be added to the new firmware?

Can you somehow make a function to edit the Gate/Compressor to a little less aggressive?



Hi @wezzy-k . Typically thats controlled via the Dry/Wet control on the unit once the FX is uploaded. I hope this resolves your issue. Chloe

Can you explain me how to do this? I cannot find any function on the mixer to edit the gate function.

hi @wezzy-k If you check page 8 onwards in the X1800 manual this will explain how to do this :slight_smile:

If you mean the master limiter: you cannot change attack/release/etc on the mixer.

You’re talking about wanting to edit the parameters of the Gate sweep effect or are you talking about the master compressor/limiter?

The master limiter is not a gate exactly and cannot be edited in detail. Since it is an optional limiter on the master, it is probably a look-ahead peak limiter to prevent brick wall peak flattening and the generation of square wave-like patterns. Quite useful in a studio environment, though if you have really big amps for the cabs, having the limiter on and DJs abusing it could cook your woofers and not sound as bad doing it as having it off. You get quite a bit of thermal risk if you’re pushing the levels into 0dBFS regardless. So usually I turn it off when using the mixer live so DJs can hear when they abuse the levels, compelling them to stop. The PPD9000 did have various types of optional compressor limiters, including optional channel compressors and a modeled master gradual opto-compressor. IMO, these are studio tools, though. I would not complain if InMusic’s Alesis section helped Denon add all those options and the tube mode to the X1800 firmware, though :slight_smile:

The Gate sweep effect, in contrast, is controlled by the channel sweep knobs. Are talking about the sweep knob being too abrupt with just a little rotation from 12 o’clock? I find that to be the case with the Noise sweep effect. A more nonlinear or quadratic-style curve to the knobs as you slowly ease away from 12 o’clock would be useful on the sweep effects in-general, I think. The capability to be subtle is always welcome. It’s so abrupt in the case of the Noise effect, though, that I wondered if perhaps Laidback Luke or someone else had requested it that way to do some special trick where they tweak the knob rapidly or something. Personally as of right now, I just try to be extra gentle with them around the 12 o’clock.

I am indeed talking about the sweep effects being way to agressive. I am a little used to the gate and compressor being on the same button.

Maybe a menu preferent opinions for plus/minus ranges for the sweep effects???

Like +- 10%, 20%, 50%, 100% so everyone can sets their own levels of too aggressive

It would be ideal most if each of the fours sweep controls have their own setting in isolation from of the other three sweeps.

Possibly, but then you’d need every DJ to go in there and change the range each effect is set at in preferences if they’re jumping on each each others’ units. That could be viewed by InMusic as an impediment to the X1800 being an install unit. It’s slightly bothersome already that the channel filters don’t have a dedicated knob just for resonance without going into the preferences utility.

The gradualness of the sweeps around the sweep channel knobs’ 12 o’clocks could potentially provide the finesse required. Do we really want to stop the maximum sweep effect on the knob range from even being possible for a person who just jumps on an X1800, or are we just trying to give once again analog-like level of gradualness and gradations on what are really digital controls (an issue also on pitch fader and jog wheel design/implimentation)? I would argue we’re probably better off with keeping current ranges but improving the analog-like gradualness possible, and that seems to just get into the issue of the abruptness around the knob center – basically how small an amount of an effect can I trigger easily without accidentally triggering too much, while still allowing maximum amount if the knob is all the way at the ends.

Maybe we should put up a poll and see what others think? Offhand and pre-poll, anyone else feel the maximum amount possible on these sweep effects is excessive, or is it really just the curve on these controls that are bothersome when you just want a little and it seems to go crazy in quantity with just a little tweak from the middle?

Can we, like the players, also set mixer preferences in the Engine Software? So that you can save the sweep effect, filter, etc. etc. Onto the usb stick, SD card or laptop usb/utp connection. I really believe that the sweep effects are way to agressive for my taste, while you can edit every other effect on the mixer, or the filters to the desired intensity. That is really a feature I miss, and would like to be implemented in the Utility menu.

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So in your case you don’t just have a problem with the abruptness around the 12 o’clock, you have an issue with the maximum available effect sweeps?

No, the sweep effects are to abrupt for me. So what I just suggested is a feature, so we can edit the sweep effects just as the other effects in the utility menu. Not adding more, just configurate them to my needs.

I said nothing about adding more sweep effects. Abruptness is a matter of going from nothing to something, though, which is only around the 12 o’clock/center of the knobs when you first start twisting it a little. Do you have a problem with the amount of sweep effects possible when the knobs are at their extremes (i.e. full left or full right) or is this a problem just when you move the knob a little from its center?

It is a problem when i put the knob just a little to the left or right it feels the right way, but if i want to get more it is way to intense to play with for my taste. So what i want is a simple solution so i can set parameters for the rest of the knob direction in how i want the effect strength to be when i turn the knob in this or that position. Instead of guessing every time what feels right each track .

If it’s jumping from a teeny tiny nice amount to a much bigger amount and you want something in-between also possible easily, it still sounds to me like an issue of registered increments resolution and/or curve (the locations of those increments), just further into the curve and not just focused around the center deadzone like the issue on Noise.

Part of the Gate effect, solely in the counterclockwise direction actually, is based on logical tempo divisions, meaning there’s a reason for the increment divisions and the maximum. Exactly where on the rotation curve these increments occur is another issue. I’m wondering if possibly tempo variations from track to track might be changing how you’re anticipating what the knob will do, too.

Do you find at maximum deflection on these sweep controls, they are all universally too much and you’d never use them like that in either direction, or are you just finding this on Gate? If so, is it only the clockwise direction or also the counterclockwise maximum that’s troubling?

I found it particularly on all of the 4 Sweep effects too much, to fast -> too aggressive. But I use the Gate more then the other ones. For me gate is heaven in DJaying my sets. So first thing i wanted to request was, please give me something to let me adjust it to my needs!

Thanks for all the feedback and discussion on these topics guys. Our Dev/Product team always keep an eye on feature requests and are very interested in customer usage methods and future needs. Regarding saving mixer preferences on a USB drive for recall later, I believe that ability is coming in a future X1800 fw update. If I get any more details on that, I’ll chime back in. Best Paul