Question about the echo

Hi people, Im following the Denon movement for quite a while now and I’m getting positively impressed more and more everyday. I tried mixing with the x1800 and it felt really good. Im considering buying a sc6000 and x1850 but I missed a function. On Pioneer I use the echo effect a lot, espacially to create an extra buildup by shortening the echo time manually up to 1 ms. As you can hear at 00:52 to 1:09. I couldnt do this with Denon, it just went up to 8ms. Is it possible to change settings somehow and get this echo time working freely? I would love to hear something. Thank you

  • Vincent

You can go down to 1ms. Manually You can override the time divisions with FX Time/Parameter knob.

All right, thank you!!

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I was using the spiral effect all the time using Pioneer, which was replaced by echo, light substitute transitions thanks to the spirals was great. In x1800 this is not there. I hope they will add in any of the updates