Question about Rekordbox and Engine prime libraries


I did search but I only found posts concerning importing Rekordbox libraries into Engine. Well I don’t use rekordbox and I’m at the point where I’ll be occasionally playing on xdj’s. The problem is that I’m building my crates from scratch in Engine Prime for my personal setup, so is there a way to import the Engine Prime library into Rekordbox?


I’m not sure on the current status on Rekordbuddy (maybe by now it can do this natively?), but there are several posts saying you can use it to import from Serato to Rekordbox so you could try dragging/dropping Engine Prime crates/playlists into Serato then using Rekordbuddy to convert to Rekordbox.


Sounds legit, I’ll give it a shot. Would make a world of difference not having to do what I’m doing now twice lol!


as far as I’m aware there is no (3rd party) conversion tool available to convert Engine Prime => Rekordbox,

that’s is 1 of the reasons why I have not (yet) stepped away from RB. When I in 2014 changed from Denon to CDJ’s I started from scratch to (re-)create Cue’s and Loops in RB. Last year I changed back to Denon, so happy I did !! and did not want to start all over again (20k songs) so therefore I was happy to see there was a conversion utility created (DECU).

Still maintain everything in RB => convert to EP, main reason ? If I decide to change to back to Pioneer, not sure why but hey maybe they come up with a even better piece of hardware in a couple of years, then at least I can easily go back. If I would do everything on EP then, at this moment, there is no conversion tool to go back to RB.


Easy solution for now is to make a playlist in RB, open it side by side with EP, open whatever crates you want a copy of in RB and just drag each track one by one over to RB. It’s monotonous but it’s easy and it works. There either needs to be a tool for this or Denon needs to add an export feature that uses the file type that RB uses.