Question about Reading Rekordbox Files

I need to find out what has happened or if this is a issue that has been noted before ? I have been unable to use Engine prime software to sort my collection but I am communicating with support over these problems I have, So I decided to sort my collection in Rekordbox which I prefer anyhow because you can preview tracks and Pioneer is normally the first port of call in a professional world so far, anyhow I did this and have spent days sorting out many future playlist, I plugged in my USB with my Rekordbox playlist and got the import message but after that the sc5000 proceeded to analyse so in essence nothing has been transferred ?

Many thanks.

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Hey Jace, That’s a fair question. We do transfer a lot of things over, including the structure of the database, meta tag data as well as cue and loop points. However we do build our own waveform and beatgrid which is what you are seeing. The waveform building is unavoidable. Even if it were to be converted, we would still have to redo it in the Prime format which would take some time anyway.

Does that additional info make sense? Do you have any additional thoughts given that?

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Yes thank you I was thinking that, so in essence it will still compile the Waveform structure and their after the hot cues etc, but it will retain the gridding to what was setup in rekordbox, just wanted to clear up my understanding, I have not yet reloaded and tested a playlist that has hot cues but now assured I can go forward I just got of put by the process you mention, so although a slow process all is good and I presume my playlist with cues will be fine once I get to that particulate playlist, I have some lists that I have only gridded in Rekordbox .

Many thanks AIRVince

would be nice if these analyses good be done on the PC/MAC via the Engine Prime software which would speed up the process.

Polderboy, Maybe I’ve misunderstood what you’re getting at, but that’s exactly what happens. Analysing files in Engine Prime means that they don’t have to be analyzed on the player.

I think Polderboy means to take it a little step further to offload the CPU process via an ethernet connected pc. Okay, that’s maybe a fantasy…“a why would you want that?” perhaps

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