Quality Control on the SC5000M


Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to share your findings. So far, despite our best efforts, we haven’t been able to reproduce the false pitch issues in our labs. If anyone has a smoking gun - ie: some steps that you can perform to get this to happen, that would be very helpful. I’m well aware that these types of things can be random - but any information or insight that people have would be helpful.

Thanks for everyone’s understanding.




About how long were you using the units before this speed up happened?

Has anyone noticed it occuring in high torque mode or were you all in low?

How was your ventilation situation?

Was keylock on or off?

And to be clear, the motor appeared to jump to a faster actual speed even though the on screen info did not change until you moved the pitch fader to zero, correct?


I’ve only been running mine in high torque mode with keylock off. Ventilation good as on a table top. Happens after maybe an hour or so i think. I’ll have time at thd weekend to have a longer session so will try to recreate on mine. The speed changes are sudden, no change to noted BPM, i only noticed mine were doing it after 2 tracks with the same BPM, same pitch position kept slipping out of time very suddenly.


I’ve done several massive sets in the last few days for a total of nearly 20 hrs streaming on the Ms and neither deck did this speed up thing since updating to 1.2.2 and increasing ventilation. I was using the relatively cool MP2015 and not the very warm Mackie mixer. I was using 1.2.2 instead of 1.2. So from my experience I’m leaning more towards either a firmware issue, a heat issue, or both. You guys are saying it’s happening to you on 1.2.2, so I guess that would push it further in the heat direction. I’ll have to unfortunately put the Ms up next to the Mackie again for a long set and see if it re-occurs. It would be helpful if grove83 and rebel68 can get videos of what you’re experiencing, though.


If it happens to me again I will certainly try and capture it , luckily for me I seem unable to duplicate the speed up. So hoping it was a one off glitch.

Apart from that and some odd bpms being analyzed & some grid correction I am having nothing but fun on my Ms.

On them last night for 5 hours straight no issues



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I did two 3 hr sets today with the Ms right up against the hot Mackie mixer with zero speed up instances. Both fans frequently turned on, which has never happened before. This may be a situation where the motor gets just hot enough and switches into some other mode accidentally but if it gets really hot in there, the fans kick in and nothing happens. So there might be a sweet spot before the fans turn on where this malfunction can occur. I only heard the fan turn on in one unit in 1.2.0, though, and that was just on boot up and it was the other unit that first did the speed up thing. Newer firmwares seem to have the fans coming on more frequently… or possibly I was inducing that with the closer proximity to the hot Mackie mixer. There is nothing about this glitch that would prevent me from using the Ms live, though, especially since I tend to return frequently back to zero pitch, anyway, which instantly corrects it. Just have to catch this bug again!