[Q] Editing mixes for radios, recorded with Prime 4?

Hi folks,

Imagine, I record a mix internally and I make a mistake, a bad transition. Can I go back, edit and resume the mix to finish? If not, can I do this with a Mac and a third-party software (eg. Serato DJ)?

Finally, is Prime 4 hardware compatible with Mac OS X Mojave?

Thank you very much.

HI DJoko, The Prime 4 will record the final mixed output from the master (4 channels + 2 mics) as one WAV file. If you want to edit you’ll need to bring this into a computer as the Prime 4 doesn’t have any editing features for recorded files.

As for Prim 4 being compatible, it’s designed as a standalone so you don’t need to connect to a computer :slight_smile:

I hope this helps


Hi Jay_DenonDJ,

Thanks a lot ! :+1:t3:


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