Purchased the X1800

As the other topic is now closed i wanted to post a follow up to the previous i started regarding purchasing the X1800.

So i finally went ahead and picked up the X1800 a week ago. First thing i have to say is that at the price point i picked it up for it is a lot of mixer for the money. The big pluses are the integration with the SC5000 and the amount of current and potential future options that are onboard. The negatives are that after coming from using the Xone 92 for 10 years the sound of the X1800 is a bit lacking. I would even say its behind the DB4. I played out on it over the wkd and recorded a few sets and noticed today that the recorded sound is noticeably different to the Xone 92 which i found strange. There seems to be a lack of warmth and noise to the recorded signal. I ran everything on the channel and master at 0dB. Not sure if that influences anything. The biggest disappointment was the quality of the pods and fader caps. I noticed a bit of wiggle and play in the eq/filter/fx pods when set at 12 o clock. One of the upfader caps popped off and was a struggle to get properly fit on again.

I really like the integration with the denon players and the modern feel the mixer has but in terms of sound and ability to sculpt the sound in the mix i am not entirely convinced. I have another week left if i want to send it back. Might get some DJ tech tools caps and swap them out and see if things feel a little more solid with the eq etc. If i was really confident that the sound would improve in a future update then i would definitely hold on to the mixer. For the money compared to a Pioneer it is an absolute no brainer.

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Hi @N1xer, thank you for your comments.

Can you confirm the mixer is on V1.2 firmware?

Also that the SC5000’s are on 1.3.1?

Thank you

Gee, I wonder why a digital mixer doesn’t have a warm analog sound and…noise.


Well, with Pioneer players, the DB4 is better than the Xone 92, and the DN-X1700 is even more musical and lush than that. So the X1800 being a digital mixer is a potential benefit, not a detriment… just happens to be a curious situation in the case of Prime.

As long as you’re not running into the top LEDs on the meters, you can run them wherever you want… just realize you need headroom for more dynamic tracks. So give yourself some room on the less dynamic ones and don’t run every track right below the top.

Your experience is consistent with mine. X1800 processing sound quality is inferior to many other digital mixers. SC5000 has its own audio processing issues, too. Using a good analog mixer with the Prime players seems to at least cover up or bypass some of the players’ issues and avoid the X1800’s own.

I previously recommended you get the X1800 to experience the integration, not because the combination was going to give you the best sound. That’s not even possible on the players right now in absolute terms, anyway. If you still have the Xone 92, the players and it together should sound more pleasing. When you want integration goodness, use the X1800. In the meantime, heart my two feature requests for better sound processing:



Go and listen to the DB4 before posting that condescending nonsense

While I have no doubt in your complaints (x1700 user here) you worded it so badly that it deserves a little jab. Relax and learn where the edit button is.

Yes Jay, both running latest firmware

Thank you @N1xer, Your best course of action is to contact global customer support here, please contact them here: https://www.denondj.com/support

Regards J

@SlayForMoney & @N1xer - guys please be respectful on the forum, thank you.


Any chance we can get a link to your mix from both the mixers. I currently have the full prime setup but I am looking at getting a 92 and would like to hear the sound difference for myself.

X1800 has a hopeless sound. I hope you get your back to the store. I also bought a soundcraft ui16 to try to improve the sound but nothing could. The mixers of pioneer or old Denon models have better sound. I regret the purchase all the time and nobody money will return. Many people who know the sound, etc. I tried to set the sound system under X1800 and told me that this equipment is just such a thing and nothing to do with it. No sound correction is given.

I think you just have one poorly x1800 there, or some local issue affecting the sound.

The 1800 is certainly better sounding than most other mixers in its price range. On straightforward human ears, I’d say it sounds even better than the dnx1700