Problems x1850

Hello, today I was in trouble because my denon dj x1850 wont be recognize by my computer I tell about usb connection. And also I reach a reason! But the only thing I have found it was the utility screen was black without possibilty to proceed any changes. I have reach again a solution to resolved this mistake and i have proceed to reinstall firmware with the current I have allready have 1.3. Nothing change… I reach again and decide to downgrade to 1.2. Nothing again! That’s what I have need to ask you community? Why this happened? How it’s happened and how I remaind it? Contact denon .com for me are not possible they doesn’t accept french account or other things I haven’t know? But impossible to make an inquirie. Then now I will explain to you my setup: I use denon x1850 sc6000 prime x 2 , 2 pc and a jack to link the headphone with a T to another thing all works finnely all over 3 month of streamming mixing and listening. Alway uptodate. That’s is what I ask you have you a issues? Please agree my best regards and have good day. My night comes dead by questions I am asking myself.

Hello @Zibulksko, Welcome to the forum.

We will do our best to help You out. So to keep things simple, I will break down Your post (I think made with Google Translate…?) Tell me if I miss something.

For some time Your mixer was working fine, until You got no usb connection So what we know:

  1. No USB connection from X1850 to the PC.
  2. Your display on the mixer went blank…?
  3. Firmware update/downgrade didn’t go well - didn’t solve the problem.

I could only suggest to check with Warranty, as this does not look like a easy fix…

Hey @Zibulksko - Welcome to the forum and happy to help! Sorry for the issues you are facing. Downgrading to upgrade is something we don’t recommend and if your screen isn’t coming online we’ll definitely want to take a closer look. Can you DM me your name, phone number, and email so that we can connect you with a technical support agent? Thanks in advance!

Hello Sir yes how can I proceed?

Hey @Zibulksko - I’ll DM you now to connect you with a technical support agent. They’ll be able to help find a resolution.