Problems with the MC3000

1 Is the MC3000 work with windows 8 2 When i play sometimes the cpu is up to red what can i do

What are the specifications of your laptop? What DJ software are you using? Is your laptop for DJ only or also for daily use?

Are there specific moments the CPU runs into red?

What software?

On first look it seems your laptop CPU may not be up to the job.

You need to give us a lot more information I’m afraid.

It’s hp compaq CQ58 Intel i3 2,2 ghz 4g ram
The softoware is tractor 2 And I use it only for djing

It 's HP COMPAG CQ58 Intel i3 2,2 ghz 4g ram Tractor 2 I use it only for djing

Traktor specs says it needs at last a i5 CPU. 4gb RAM seem a little low. Did you turn off wifi and close all other programs ?

Yep, i5 minimum and, while not necessary, if you want to do anything more than “flat” mixing, having 8GB would be good.

Only the tractor is working all the others are closed

Thank you for the support Something last if I upgrade the memory at 8gb us it better

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Not very likely imho. The amount of memory is important because if you have more memory (RAM) it brings down the number of times the hard disk or SSD needs to be used and the internal speed of RAM is way higher than the access speed of other storage. It can speed up certain things. It does, however, not help improve processing speed of your CPU, nor the number of things it can do at once. For that you need a different CPU (i5 instead of i3 for example).

So, while getting more RAM is always a good plan, it will only help if you start of using the proper CPU.

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In addition to the optimization tips mentioned above, you can also try increasing the latency. When the CPU meter goes into the red it means that the CPU is not keeping up with the audio buffer. Increasing the buffer (more latency) may help.

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