Problems with the BPM

Hello i am using the sc5000 player and my songs played not sync. it is the software?

Yes it’s the algorithm used in both the engine Prime software and the firmware inside the player.

It’s been known to need considerable improvements for over two and a half years now, since prime sc5000 came out but still no significant improvement

Prisoners have been jailed and completed their sentences , for the time some early adopters of Prime have been waiting for bpm to work properly

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For now analyse your tracks in any other app prior to analysing in Engine Prime.

Ensure the app you are analysing with can write the BPM to the file tags

Will transfering my Rekordbox box playlists do / fix this bpm issue @mufasa ???

I don’t use rekordbox.

I have just been informed that it does not write BPM values to the track.