Problems with replying to another post here regarding another problem.

Hello - Not sure what’s going on here, but it’s extremely frustrating.

I’m trying to reply to another thread asking for help. Here the link to that thread: Where/how do I update my registered email address?

When I try replying I keep getting a message that reads “Please wait for other users to participate before replying”, and am unable to post my followup post. This makes no sense since I need to reply and have no idea if or when anyone will participate. Someone from Denon PLEASE help with this ongoing issue that’s actually been going since February earlier this year. Thank you.

It’s because you’re double posting. Rather than posting again, just edit your post and add whatever new thoughts you may have to the first post.

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There is a time limit to when one can edit no?

I observe the same limitations when I try to follow up my post e.g. with an update…sometimes a reported issue may have been solved or could be be to report the gear surpassing expectations (I feel this way about the X1800 i just got, and I feel like posting about the capabilities every minute :joy:. I should probably spend more time using it than staring at it)

It kinda makes creating a new topic the only option or just not saying anything

Perhaps the fine forum moderators should consider increasing the follow up response number e.g. from none to three.

Or allow a longer period for posts to be edited.

It’s a common for forum feature. It stop people bumping they own post until an another person has reply to it first. Stops people from make their post jump to top of forums by replying with “bump!” or similar stupid self reply

There is nothing wrong with sensible bumping. As more users use the forum it’s quite easy for ones topic to be swallowed.

Perhaps a limit on bumping e.g. allowing one bump or self reply per week and then maxing out at 3 or 4 self replies if no one else is participating.

There is nothing stopping someone from creating another new profile to get around this btw.

It’s currently set to 48 hours, which is rather generous and should be sufficient for any appended ideas, changes in opinion or new information to be added to an original post.

Yes there is, trust me.

If we need to tweak the forum rules because people are running into issues with “bumping” posts, we will do that. I haven’t heard of anyone running into this specific problem yet though…

My understanding is that a double post is when a user posts the same message or slightly edited versions of the message more than once. If that understanding is correct (which it appears to be as verified through multiple other online sources), then that’s not at all applicable to the issue I’m experiencing since the followup posts I’m referring to don’t fit that definition at all, rather simply trying to make additional posts with new, additional information, not the same or edit.

Additionally, when trying to edit an already existing post as you suggested, I’m often not able to do that either because I keep getting a message stating something along the lines of edits are not permitted for XX_hours.

Who need of edit any way.

Just make the posts true first time.

Why say things then return to change it after the people have been to read the first words.

Life is not the multitrack recording

Imagine the reason why people need to edit is because most if not all humans are not perfect (YMMV). Mistakes can be and are made, hence the very reason I suspect an edit feature exists not only here but practically every forum on the planet.

Then there are technical issues that arise that require edit attempts in order to correct. For example, I’ve had multiple posts here where the built-in formatting features aren’t working as expected, and because of those tech issues the posts have displayed incorrectly, so edits were made to try and correct them (sometimes successfully, sometimes not).

Lastly, like I said earlier, my issue described above wasn’t even related to editing, rather making a follow up post that was entirely different than that of the post made earlier.

Hope these explanations help you better understand.

What is understand to everyone is that you arrive here and complain of every thing here.

You act of the boy who check the money tray of every slot machine / one arm bandit of amusement arcade for loose coins then moans to the arcade manager when you found no coin

Everyone else here for two forum years without wanted it all change to your minority way

Before this gets further out of hand, there have been made some changes past year. You can edit some more times per day and also the time-out for editing is made longer.

Link block is to prevent spam. Use my tip, but it’ll cost one edit of your “daily amount”. :sunglasses:

Replying to yourself is seen as double post. There were some that replied 3-4 times to themselves. Annoying.

Anyway, I understand the annoyance, but it results in a better posts if members read their own text some more often. Or else we get Facebook messages here.

Simply DM a member to make suggestions. I did.

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Like this for another example of why editing would be needed, LargoS. I did not underline or make these words highlighted in green, but for some unknown reason they appeared that way. I could try to go back and see if I could edit out whatever’s causing the underlines and green highlights. I didn’t though to show you a perfect example of technical problems I’m describing.

BTW, wasn’t able to post this reply ironically due the very issue this entire thread was started about. Nobody had responded after my last post, so I wasn’t able to post this followup.

Not sure what you mean. 1) I haven’t complained about “everything”, and 2) I wasn’t even complaining to begin with rather I was asking for help with technical issues and what appeared to be technical issues.

Are you even bothering to read the OP and subsequent replies before posting? Reason I ask is that your replies indicate your aren’t.

No idea what you’re talking about.

Again, not sure what you’re talking about. See above where I explain request for help with technical issues and what appeared to technical issues. I didn’t ask for anything to be changed in regards to these forum features.41%20PM

To help you reply again, here’s mine. :wink:

You should see how the post looks in the preview pane on the right, (unless you’re on a smartphone) =>.

Not sure how you did get that green line though:

< ins >Text will be green underlined in between this html styles, if you remove the spaces at the insert brackets< /ins >

That makes two of us, Reese. Not sure either why text is doing that. On a mobile device at moment, and was earlier as well when experiencing technical issues. No idea how or why this stuff is happening.

Like this for another example (link below). Text on 11th post down is displaying bold even though I never bolded anything. Even got accused of “poor netiquite” despite it being some sorta apparent tech prob. Lots of unnecessary assumptions made around here, that’s for sure. Oh well.

These text functions appear to be very selective