Problems with my SC6000 setup


I just got my hands on to 4*Denon SC6000 players. Love the quality, features and finish when comparing to my Pioneer DJ xdj-1000’s. Running with lan switch for link and DJM-900nxs2

Some issues i have noted:

-Jog wheels will skip after some scratching or lose response -onboard beat analysis doesn’t work very well. grid timing is either off or the tempo is incorrect. -sometimes it seems impossible to beatmatch songs, like songs will go off sync after a while. -can’t figure out how to see beatmatching waveformdisplay or beat blocks on top of the screen. -song sorting in playlists will need to be set after every song played -waveforms and bpm will sometimes disappear from the screen and the players needs to be rebooted to se it again. -sometimes song names in playlist will disappear -sometimes when you set the tempo after some time it skips randomly and changes the tempo -jog wheel feels it has some lag when nudging

I would like to have waveform color customization when switching layers and i would like to have more customiziable options for specific buttons and knobs.

Like the cue point set like in Pioneers, beat jump value, jog wheel screen on board customization, pitch value customization, playlist song info view columns for bpm, key, number, duration, etc. and same for streamed songs too. would be nice to have playlist view on screen with waveform, drag and drop songs on the same window when playing single and dual layer…

and i would like to know how to move already playing loop if i miss the autoloop starting position.

Running with latest firmware (1.6.2.)