Problems With MCX8000

I Received my Denon MCX8000 Today

I Followed The Instructions For The USB To Make It Standalone And It Didn’t Work, I Followed The Same Procedure With 8 Different USB’s And It Still Didn’t Work.

I Then Tried Connecting It To Serato DJ Pro But My PC Doesn’t Recognize It, I’ve Tried 3 Different PC’s And Each Of The USB Ports On Them

If Anyone Has Any Ideas Please Help

Run the tracks on the usb through Engine Prime 1.5 - free to download

And use the MCX8000 export mode.

There are tutorials out there if you look.

Yes But The Problem Is When I Put The USB In The MCX8000 & Turn It On It Just Stays On The “DENON MCX8000” Blue Screen

Try vegas mode and see what happens when you reboot.

If the screens don’t move in any mode then it’s dead on arrival. I had a brand new one turn up at a club exactly the same.

Vegas Mode Doesn’t Even Work

Also When I Turn It On Sometimes All The LED’s for the buttons turn on & then sometimes between 10-15 of the LED for the buttons turn on

In that case it sounds like you need to contact your retailer for a replacement