Problems with flac files engine sofware

Hi. Engine software don´t analyze correctly Some flac files. Does anyone know what the problem is?

It would depend on what format/rates the flac files are and where they came from.

In what way are they not “right” ?

44.1 khz 16 bit. The problem is when analyze the tracks with Engine. Engine breaks the track and makes it unusable

Correct me if I’m wrong but engine makes a separate database and does not change the audio file.

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Hello Gonza, Thanks for bringing up your issue, and I hope we can get it resolved.

It is still not clear what your issue is. ie: How is it broken? Where is it unusable? Can you detail out what you are doing in steps? This is usually the best way for us to replicate any issues here.

For example -

  1. Drag a track into Engine Prime
  2. Analyze track
  3. Close Engine Prime and load track in iTunes.
  4. Track causes iTunes to crash.

Thanks, Vince

You are correct, with some exceptions. If you update the song meta data, it will write that back to the file. Otherwise it won’t. If the song’s date modified does not change, changes are that it has nothing to do with Engine analysis, and the problem lies elsewhere.

Let’s wait for OP to reply.

Yes when changing meta data and tags, I can understand that. The OP only mentions analyzing so then nothing should happen.

Let’s wait :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: