Problems upgrading Tidal

I have been using TIDAL with my SC 5000’s for about six months now and everything has worked fine. I’ve never had any issues playing & mixing two Tidal tracks on my 2 players. When I first signed up, I subscribed to Tidal’s ‘High’ version but recently upgraded to their ‘Hi-Fi’ version. This is relatively simple to do and all of the tracks I had in my Tidal playlists were upgraded without issue. My problem started after the upgrade when I was trying to mix a Tidal track on player 1 with a Tidal track on player 2. For some reason, when I would hit play (say on Player2) there would be a delay. This delay would happen when the tracks were synced and obviously mess up the mix. In addition, if I was cue juggling, the same thing would happen, a delay. When I took sync off, the problem went away. Of note, I am not using Wi-Fi but have the players hardwired to the Internet when I’m downloading songs from Tidal so the connection is faster. The only thing I can think of that might be causing the problem would be related to my download speed not being fast enough for the ‘HIFI’ streaming but fast enough for the ‘High’ streaming. To see if this was true, I downgraded my streaming back to ‘High’ and the problem went away. Separately, I tested my up & download speeds and the results say my system is very fast. Does anyone on the forum or at Denon have any suggestions how to remedy this problem? I really would like to upgrade the quality of the music I stream…

Do you have this problem on both SC’s? Not sure of all the settings on the SC’s but on the Prime 4 there is an option to change the Tidal settings. When Tidal is selected as your music source you’ll see a cogwheel on the lower left of the screen. If the SC has this opton, check both players to see if your settings are consistent. See my video below:

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Thanks for your comments and video.It didn’t happen on both players, just one. The settings on both players were on ‘HiFi‘. That’s why I think it might be my internet connection. Thoughts?

I don’t think it’s an internet connection issue as the SC’s temporarily download the track so that it will play in it’s entirety in the event that the internet connection drops. With that said, I’m wondering where the SC temporarily stores that file. I’m wondering if both SC’s require some sort of drive (USB, etc) attached in order for this to work correctly.

Are both of your players set up the same, including having a drive attached? Just a thought (turning over every stone).

When I did this, both players were set up the same way (as I saved the profile) across both players. Regarding the USB, I only had one installed in the front port. This really shouldn’t be an issue because when I used the lower quality stream, it was set up exactly the same way. The reason I think it might be related to the internet is because the download time increases from ‘High’ to ‘HiFi’ which makes sense. So perhaps the delay is related to larger file transmission. Obviously I am just guessing but sort of at a loss at this point. I was thinking of using Wi-Fi to see if the same thing would happen… Just a thought