Problems Nesting Playlists/Managing Folders on Dell XPS Laptop

Hi everyone, I haven’t found any other posts about this, I’m happy to be pointed in the right direction.

I’ve had an ongoing problem with trying Engine Prime on my Dell XPS 15 laptop (2018) - since I got my Denon Prime players I’ve never been able to nest playlists in folders or move the order of things within the software. On the other hand, everything works perfectly fine on my PC desktop, which is where I’ve been working from.

I wondered if it may be a graphics issue, maybe - the XPS has a 4K screen and NVIDIA dedicated graphics, and the scaling hit and miss (common Windows issue), so I’ve tried overriding it, but it doesn’t fix the concern. Does anybody else have any ideas/known fixes?



Same here on my PC I also have problems with crates and playlists nesting, most of the time I can not drag crates into crates or playlist into crates on both hard drive and my exfat Portable drive. I could on my laptop but I have had to go to my PC and need to stay with it for many reasons.

I also have this issue

I too have this problem on my Dell PC?

Hey everyone,

I wrote the original question - I’ll admit to not diving too deep into the update that came out a few days ago, but I will say that the nesting issue appears to be resolved, at least for me. I’m still using my Dell XPS 15 laptop.

Has anybody else had a similar experience? It’ll be a while before I fully commit to using Engine Prime as my track/playlist organiser, but this alone is a big step up for me.

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