Problems in Engine OS 1.6 Beta2

  1. It is not possible to turn off the Sync function when we have it set together with the Shift button. The only method to disable Sync is to set Sync without the Shift button in the Preferences menu

  2. Some music files that work in previous soft versions do not work. You can see them in the library but when trying to load it displays the message of a damaged file. Perhaps you need to reanalyze the base in Engine 1.6 Beta ???

  3. There is still no microphone sound on the Zone output. It really should be like this !!! . I often use zone outputs in a different room with the same music as on the main one. It sounds very bad when the music is turned down and there is no sound from the microphone. It is necessary to work on it !!!

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Isn’t that already a feature request ? Rather than claiming it’s a beta issue ?

Yes that is indeed a feature request already.

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In fact, maybe I put it wrong. It is not a proposition. This is a major oversight on the part of the manufacturer. It makes absolutely no sense to send the signal from the master bus to the Zone output, since there is not everything that we have in the Master and why I explained it in point 3

I can confirm these issues exist. Played a Halloween party the other night and experienced the first 2 points. Luckily, I figured out to switch in the preferences the Sync without shift and was able to turn off sync finally or otherwise I would of been stuck at 95 bpms all night. I can also confirm that some files that analyzed properly in Engine prime were not loading in Prime 4 all of a sudden.

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Why use beta in a live environment?

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@Reese I like to live dangerously. Lol. JK but no I had a backup music source and it was just a house party of friends not a paying gig. So I wasn’t truly worried. However, playing on the Prime is too fun to have to dj on anything else. Anyways, outside of this sync issue and a couple of songs that wouldn’t play I didn’t have any issues. I will say however, search times are still far too long. Granted I have a 2TB internal Samsung EVO SSD that has around 186000 songs so I don’t expect lightening fast results with that many songs but it still can be too long. Another issue with search is how sometimes i will have a song selected and right before being able to load the screen will refresh and i will lose that song. Not to mention it sure would be nice to have search tabs that bring up previous searches without having to research all over again.

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Agreed. I do the same, but it could be a risk. Then again, release could have bugs as well. :relieved:

I also hope search can be improved.


after update 1.6 dont work shift+sync, to clear sync.((

Of course, I know that it turns off this way, I have had Prime 4 over a year and I know the device options and key combinations to turn on and off individual parameters. However, on my device with version 1.6 beta 2 this does not work.

Yes, this has already been reported. In the meantime, you can go to the options and set that the SYNC shutdown occurs by always pressing the same button instead of having to also press the SHIFT key.

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Of course, that’s what I did then.