Problems Importing music to the sc5000’s


Ok, so firstly these players are great! I want to get the best out of them by having my music organised.

I have a suitably formatted hard drive and the music has been added to it. However getting this to be analysed through the engine software is the problem, ihsve the latest firmwares and katest versuon of tne software.

The sotfware just refuses to show the music on the hard drive even though the players can see the music (albeit not analyzed and not in any order). I cant even export existing irnew playlists to any external media. Ive tried a memory stick too.

Any help would be appreciated



ExFat or FAT32?

Connected external drive usually show up To the right of the left panel in Engine Prime.


This - click the USB icon and a panel called devices should show up. Is it visible there?


Thanks it is now visible and the music is imported. Thanks guys


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