Problematic analysis of track, possible soulution

I was encountering some issues with certain tracks not guessing the downbeat and the Bpm and I stumbled on this although not sure if its mentioned else ware. I had tracks getting stuck around the lower BPM ranges when they should have been near the middle range of BPM despite, trying a few different analysis ranges in the preferences.

So I set the white cue / marker and also set the yellow cue to first downbeat and also added a cue / hotcue marker on the first downbeat, Then I set a yellow marker too the first beat of the next bar and again I also added my 2nd hot cue their, I unloaded that track and then reanalysed using the reanalysed option, and every time so far its got the analysis of track correct.

So their may be a variation on this, but I know what I have been doing is working so I stick to that, I hope this helps and If so let us know, It will not preform magic, but its helped me.


The analysis process doesn’t look at any previous cue/anchor markers, so maybe it’s just as simple as resetting the BPM range and re-analyzing.

Still trying to figure, some tracks no matter what will not do the analysis after trying every possible scenario to achieve this, found this the most evident with 80’s 90’s soul music, some I managed to manually and slowly step by step until I found the correct BPM or near enough so I could then add in a few markers to get it perfect, but their is still far too much in these genre I mention that I cant even find a starting point to manually do it. And we are not even talking half or doubling the speed as they are well in-between what I would expect knowing these old tunes inside out and once mixing on turntables, so all I do know is that the analysis engine or/and the techniques /tools still need improvements by comparison to rekordbox I found was quite good at calculating the timing, more so than engine. Engine is okay on the whole for standard 4/4 but other more tricky ranges don’t even give you a decent starting point or tools to better manually find it. although still holding hope for the many many improvements still needed in engine as its is by far the most basic out of all digital organisation software apps I have come across even for a first version its lame, but I still hold out hope although they are taking their time, which makes me feel uneasy at present, updates all-round, where are they ?

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