Problem with the grid of some tracks

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engine prime still analyses some songs out by 1bpm.

And sharing the file for testing might well be OK if its for testing only.

Actually, I also noticed that many problems in the grid are due to an incorrect calculation of the BPM decimals: for example some tracks are calculated by Engine Prime as 150.123 and at a certain point they will gradually go off-grid; the solution is to rewrite the value at 150,000 and everything falls into place. Also because with electronic music the base hardly has a BPM with decimal numbers (that is either 150 or 151 BPM). The problem arises instead if you have MP3s converted from vinyl.

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I have music ripped from vinyl that does have decimals, but digital music is the one that is giving me the most problems with the GRID in ENGINE PRIME.

Another thing I don’t understand why denon hasn’t done better is the insert anchor issue. In traktor, if you put an anchor, it lets you move the GRID from the anchor, but in ENGINE PRIME it will move the entire GRID of the track. Incomprehensible.

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The grid anchor system used by Denon is slightly different and not very intuitive. I changed the grid on some tracks that had variable BPM issues, but it was a tough job. It is not to be compared with the simplicity of VDJ for inserting BPM variations to the grid.

However if you have problems with electronic music, you can do as they said: set the BPM by hand by rounding the value to the nearest whole number.

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In 2020, when even phones have more processing power than the computer that helped send man to the moon, we really shouldn’t be having these primitive issues.

Why can’t the analysis work out where the beats are, and make a grid that follows them (varying if necessary)?