Problem with saved loop mode


This evening i was trying to work with the safed loop mode … with MCX8000 and the latest Serato.

I found some troubles with it. Is it possible that it is not working fine ?

  1. I can create loops and then i can put them into a pad. Then i do a second loop, and for some reasan my first loop is the same of the second loop and my first recorded loop is gone. I did a test with a third loop, and there the first loop stays, but the second and third loop are now the same … What is happening here ?

  2. I want to delete a saved loop … In the manual there is the discription : "To delete a saved loop, press and hold Shift and press the corresponding pad." I give it a try but the only thing that happens is that the loop is starting … Also when i look in the manual there is: “To immediately activate and trigger a saved loop, press and hold Shift and press the corresponding lit pad.”

So i think those things are the same discription …

So i hope somebody can help me to figure this out …

Thanks !!!


I also did mentioned the problem on the serato website. And they give it a test and confirmed that it is not working like the manual from Denon says.

So creating a loop is possible, but to safe or where you select withs pad to safe it in another loop, you must use the keyboard or mouse and it is not possible with the MCX like discribed in the manual !

Also for deleting a loop, it is not possible with the MCX. You also have to do it by external control.

So some options on the MCX8000 are not working like they say in the manual …

Surely is is a simple mapping issue in the Serato software?

They would be better placed to advise why it’s not working.