Problem with one SC5000's LAN connection

Weird issue here. I am trying to use BLCKBOOK’s TimeCode software to sync info from both my SC5000s to Pangolin Beyond. *Note I’ve contacted and am working with TimeCode, but it looks like this may be some weird hardware issue. Here is my connection:

Deck 1 → Ethernet to X1800 Deck 2 ->Ethernet to X1800 X1800 → Ethernet to PC

TimeCode only picks up Deck 1 (as named, will always refer to the PHYSICAL SC5000 and not vary as per which unit is actually displaying Deck 1). To troubleshoot, I’ve attached Deck 1 both directly to my PC and through the X1800 alone, TimeCode still picks up Deck 1. Now, when I do this with Deck 2, which is NOT showing up in TimeCode, nothing shows up at all. Even when Deck 2 is the only SC5000 connected to the “network” and renamed to Deck 1, it still doesn’t show up. Initially this sounds like a network problem right? Well here’s the kicker, first the “NETWORK” light on the front of both SC5000’s show up, including Deck 2. Second, when I attach a USB to ONLY Deck 2, so Deck 1 has no input to pull music files from, then Deck 1 can pull that info from Deck 2, which can only occur via the ethernet network connection. This tells me the players can see and get info from each other, yet the PC is not seeing only Deck 2.

This sounds like a crazy networking problem to me. Does anyone know if there is either a way to reset all the network properties on an SC5000 to see if that fixes the problem? Or if they have any other ideas?

Thanks all!


Can you check the ip adresses from all connected devices?

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What exactly do you mean? From the PC? Or are your referring to a way to see the IP addresses from each device individually?

Yes the sc5000 players and the x1800 mixer using apipa. So if you configure your pc with a static ip address not with dhcp , the connection could not etabished.

Your pc should have a 169.x.x.x ip address.

Indeed that is how my PC is setup and is evidenced by the fact that it only sees one of the two SC5000’s that is connected through the X1800. My question is regarding why it won’t see the second on that is connected to the same hub. If it can see Deck 1 why can’t it see Deck 2? I’m thinking network issue in the second SC5000 itself…although both decks can share track information and tracks between each other so that is why I am confused why they can see each other, but the PC can only see one?

conseguiu resolver o problema ?