Problem with firmware update on windows10


Im using windows 10 and it struggle with detecting my x1850 mixer in firmware update software. My computer does however detect the usb and recognize the player. I tried restart, reinstall software, etc. Nothing works. Luckily I had a Mac and it got detected instantly. Thought it might be a bug and good to report in. Not quite sure if this is the best place tho.

Regards, stAMy

Had the same issue - so had to use my Mac. But I can confirm its not just you.

It seems to be related to which motherboard USB chipset is used.

Cannot specify which works better, but trying another port might help. Some motherboards use different brands to get more ports on the board; say 4 NEC/Renesas and 4 Intel.

Apple is known to limit its USB port count and mostly used Intel USB/Thunderbolt until late. Don’t know about the new M.

It’s a shame that, for the sake of 3 or 4 firmware updates a year, Tidal wouldn’t host the firmware, then we could just download the new firmware from tidal, straight into the machine.

But i would guess that a download from streaming sites probably gets held in some part of memory that can’t be accessed by the firmware loader , in the online side of some divide instead of the offline side or something

I tried 3 differnt usb ports. No one worked.

True, but it might all be non-Intel, which usually works best. USB is a tricky port type.

Then again, Windows10 can be the problem as well. I have an AMD X570 motherboard. Reinstalled Windows after a year to get a fresh OS again. Even while the hardware didn’t change, USB works better. I just updated a LayYa with no issues (@Wyley1 :wink: ). The previous Windows10 on the same hardware didn’t operate the USB very well…

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I have a same problem Windows 8.1. Not detecting, tried 3 usb ports. Any help?

Anybody? Any solutions? I have no problem updating SC5000…

I used USB/MAC. It worked fine. Just use the usb with the patch

Tried couple of things and now the mixer is just flashing from the top to the bottom and doesn’t work. When I turn it off and turn it back it’s the same thing. When I turn it on by pushing Tap Fx Back buttons it lets me to go into the utility and when I try to reset the system it just freezes.

How did you manage to get it corrected simon500? I’m having this issue right now.

Sorry for a late response. I still haven’t updated my mixer. I have been using my other mixer because of this. I’ve just tried again today with no change. Mixer is flashing from top to the bottom. Useless toy.

Did you get it sorted?

Yes Simon. Very simple fix. Firmware driver needed to be downloaded first. It was just me not downloading the right things that’s all.

You mean windows driver first? I tried to download it but it doesn’t let me. When I press download button there is no reaction. I installed the firmware updater but my device cannot be found.

FWIW. Downloads seems to be fine on my end.

It is a pity that Denon did not release some instructional video or something

I was in the same frustrated loop.

After 3 laptops with win 10 less then a year old, I decided to use a 10+year old laptop that had win 10.

Worked fine and now on latest firmware.

Do you have a member local to you that successfully updated and use their laptop? (I’m in UK)

Do I need to download windows driver v1.0.1 first? I don’t know why but it doesn’t let me. When I press download button download doesn’t start., no reaction.

Hello there hopefully i can be of help. (YES: download Windows Driver First once installed Keep it Open it needs to say “Hardware Found” then Continuel with x1850 installation. )

  1. Go To Downloads and to the X1850 section 2 Locate Windows Driver v1.0.1 then Hover over to “Download” and click on the " Right button " of your mouse.
  2. a small window opens and select " Inspect " ., then to your Right a side window opens up with allot of script " you will see a line That is HIGHLIGHTED just left click on it and it should start to download the file. hope this helps.

Note: im here for the same reason im frustrated i just got my units yesterday sc6000/x1850 and having a bad time with all this error after Error JUST updating. not only on the mixer but on the units as well.