Problem with engine prime

hello I have a problem with the software engine prime. I use a MacBook Pro. Engine prime 1.5 with Catalina operating system, it opens to me but does not analyze the tracks. I tried to install engine prime 1.6 (with catalina), it installi it, the loading screen opens but then who closes as if it crashes.
so I updated my Mac to the BigSur operating system, the software updated to version 1.6 worked for a few days and now it doesn’t work anymore …

can anyone help me?

I tried out ep on big sur and the M1 and it works.

Maybe try reinstalling it.

i tried to reinstall it and it still doesn’t work

Do you have an engine collection already? Or are you starting to build one with engine?

Not enough information. Please provide detail.

what do you mean? I downloaded engine from the denon site

He’s not asking if you downloaded it.

Have you already imported all your music to Engine Prime? In other words, do you have a database?

Yup, maybe move the db files and see what happens.

I didn’t import all the music, I imported two playlists and then the program quit, and it doesn’t open anymore.

  • Go to “Music” folder.

  • You will find a folder called “Engine Library”

  • Zip it and delete the folder

  • Try starting Engine Prime again