Problem with ECHO DUB FX on CH2

Hello, I am having problems when I apply the ECHO DUB effect, for some reason when I turn on the FX and move the button to the right to apply it and return the button to the center to remove it, the effect is still applied, but if I do the same action towards the left and then return to the center the FX is stopped applying. look at the video. I opened a case in technical support and:

  • They answered me several weeks later.
  • they just told me to do a factory reset. (it did not work, the problem persists).

I understand that it is a problem in the effect parameter in the channel and that it can be solved with a simple FIRMWARE update.

So after CH3, you have now similar issues on CH2?

Excuseme, is on CH 2.

Hi @djpigc - Is this the same issue we disused above in Reese’s comment or a new one?

The video links are private so I cannot review.

Is same case. Please, Chk the video now.

I’m having a hard time with this type of track to hear if the effect is really ON/OFF when the knob is at the center. Listening on my smartphone doesn’t help either.

The fact that the FX flashes immediately when pressed, is because the knob on CH4 is active the whole video (turned left)…

Hi @Reese, The Effect should be applied in the channel in which the knob is being turned, no matter if in the other channels the knob is to one side or the other.

What I show in the video is that although the knob is in the center the effect sounds, as long as you turn the channel knob clockwise, that is, it is assumed that in the center the logical value of the knob is 0, example : Imagine the knob has a value of “-10” to the left, “0” in the center, and “+10” to the right, where “0” when you turn the knob to the left and return the value to the center The knob should go back to “0” (and it does), the problem is when you move the knob to the right and return it to the center, the logical value of the knob does not return to “0”, so only it goes back to zero when you turn the knob counterclockwise. This only happens with ECHO DUB on CHANNEL 2, I can apply the effect on any of the other channels and they work perfectly, or I can apply other effects on that channel and they work perfectly. Apparently it’s just a programming thing, because if it were the knob the other effects would do the same.

You can clearly hear it on this recording. I had the same situation once but the problem resolved itself

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Thanks @coretox, @Reese, @JWiLL. The problem is that it still does not correct itself. I firmly believe that if I could reinstall the firmware it would fix the problem, but software doesn’t allow it, it says it’s already installed. the funny thing is that we have 3 mixers, the 2 that came with the factory firmware 1.2 gave a problem, the other one that came with the firmware 1.1 does not have the problem, although we updated it to version 1.2 and it works perfectly. For that reason I know that the problem is the firmware.

Hi @djpigc - You can force the update again by powering on the mixer while holding down Back, FX Cue and Tap. Once booted confirm the update, and then when the ‘Data Receiving’ message appears send the update via computer. Hopefully this resolves it for you but I suspect this is HW. Let us know how you make out. Thanks!

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