Problem with channels

Hi people,

I’m using MC6000Mk2 controller with Traktor Pro 2 latest Mac version. Las gig I had 1,5 month ago, everything worked normally. Now I started to prepare for next gig in two weeks and big problem appeared. Only Ch1 controls are working. All others have no reaction. I can load track to deck and it starts playing too but cannot control the track with channel controls (upfader, freq.controls, level etc.). I’m a bit confused now, is it the software or hardware problem? As said, it worked normally last time and I have not made any setting changes. Any help or hints?

Have you contacted Tech Support yet?

Might want to try running the hardware wizard again? It’s been a while since I used Traktor (then standard with the MC6000 mk1), but that option worked for me the few times I had an issue.