Problem with a SC2900


I buy one second hand Denon SC2900, I know that the unit have few issues but one of these issues looks as a big problme, when run for few minutes in vinyl mode if you toch the jog the sond stop but when you remove the fingers the song don’t continue, seems as if you have the finger touch the jog yet, I found a video in youtube with the same problem but without replies:

Important, I have the last firmware installed.

Kind regadrs and thank you in advance for help me.

What is your touch sensitivity set to? Page 32 of the manual.


Same as SC5000, it doesn’t have a mehanical jogwheel but uses touch capacitive tehnology and needs to be proper grounded to detect touch.

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The 2900 doesn’t even have a polarized (different sized prongs) plug, let alone a 3-prong. My smart phone also doesn’t need to be grounded. I don’t get this sudden capacitive touch need for grounding. None of the Hanpin-made controllers and players under the various brandings need to be grounded as far as I can tell… unless it’s occuring through the audio connectors. The touch top on those is conductive, never malfunctions, and can be tuned down manually so insensitive that your whole hand can’t trigger it. Also curious why resistive touch isn’t explored more for DJing. Certainly a couple fingers on a touch platter is going to end up with resistive touch triggering somewhere on the platter.

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When holding your phone, YOU are the grounding.

I for one wouldn’t want resistive touch btw.

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You sure, because it still works if the phone’s got a silicone or leather case around it?

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True. Your body has a charge and perhaps not so much as a ground. Don’t know why the platter needs calibrating when powering on the unit and why it can be sensitive to this way of capacitive touch.

The screen has no problem, so what could be the difference?

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Hello, fnally I solve, is a mechanic problem, apparently the piece that connects the jog with the base plate was badly positioned, I have disassembled the unit, I have loosened the screw that holds the piece and fixed, it works correctly :wink:

Maybe it gets mismatched by a hit in the shipment or by the use but the most important is now it works correctly :slight_smile:




I’m wanna buy a set of second hand SC2900 and checked them out earlier today. One of it is having a problem which I think could be the same one as yours. When you play a track in vinyl mode and stop it (or scratch) by touching the jog wheel, it doesn’t go back to playing when you remove your hand, as if your finger would still be on it. What helps is when you press down the ring that surrounds the led ring (the ring that the torque adjust is in) in certain areas. This ring also seems a little bit more loose than the ring on the other deck.

Could this be the same problem that you had?

How exactly did you disassemble it? I dont have the player in front of me right now but on pictures of the SC2900 I cant find the screw you’re mentioning.

I hope it really is the same problem and easy to solve, as I can’t wait getting these players. :wink:

Big thanks!